Cup of Mud

Table 1 – The Analytical Cop: Sinkers & Suds.


Megan had served on the force now for 4 years. All her experiences and interactions with people while on the beat had made her grow compassionate for her fellow human kind. She had begun taking night courses and was determined to become a physiologist. Maybe, someday, she could really help people in need.

Table 2 – The Construction worker with a soft side: Short Stack with Maiden’s Delight


Jason’s early morning shift had been a rough one. Working the roadside crew in rural Oregon can prove to be challenging even for the toughest of men. The slow drizzling rain had soaked him to the bone. He felt a cold coming on. He scanned the menu looking for both sustenance and comfort. He dreamt of his warm bed.

Table 3 – The Mom: Two Short Stacks with Machine Oil, Milk in the Mud and a Biddy Board with a Spot and a Twist.


Being a stay at home mom can be hard and lonely. I have to get out of the house occasionally. Interact with other adults. Brooklyn is 8 and a little princess. I can take her anywhere. Danner on the other hand is 3 and hasn’t quite grasped the concept of table manners. Maybe this was a bad idea.

Table 4 – The Desperate Business Woman: Adam & Eve and Burn the British


Still single and in her early 40’s, Karen had put everything on the back burner but her career. She had watched her collage friends get married, start families and still continue to advance in their professions. Having never set aside the time to follow suit, she woke up that morning feeling sad. Realizing that her time was almost up for having it all, she got right to work.

Table 5 – The Breakup: Checkboard & 50-50 Joe


We had been dating for over two years now. We enjoyed hiking, canoeing, and making each other breakfast. I thought things were good. I was ready. Ready to make the leap. Ready to settle down, start a family. I thought she was too. What did I do wrong? Now what?

Table 6 – Bridesmaids: Hamlettes with a side of Spuds


Jessica and her wedding party were out on the town. The stretch Hummer limo had delivered them to their final destination. Jennifer, her Maid of Honor and Jamie, her Bride’s maid were just finishing up the last bits of juicy gossip on the other girls who had left the party. This girls lacked individuality but if asked, they would say they all had very different likes in men. Jess had planned her wedding to be held at the finest hotel in town. Her wedding would cost no less than $150,000 because, as she said, she was worth it.

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

At the counter-European traveler: Schmear with Leo, Grapefruit, a Cup o’ Joe and a Sun Kiss.


After Paul’s long journey from the UK and a good night’s sleep assisted by some sleeping pills, he was famished. Before hitting the sights, he thought to himself, “When in Rome, or this case New York City, one MUST take part in the local fair. He found the closest Jewish deli, plopped himself at the counter and began to map his course.

Table 7 – The gambler: Heart Attack on a Rack


Tonight, John’s gambling addiction had soared to new heights. The sounds and lights of the casino floor rang through his head. He had lost it all. It started out so good. He was smokin’ the blackjack table. A little up, a little down. Not to worry, that’s how the game goes, all until the last hand. Why had he bet it all? How was he even going to pay for his meal?

Table 8 – Coachella Kids: Flop two & Shake one in the Hay


Underage drinking was no new Saturday night for us. Our day at the music festival was a blast and now we needed to fuel up. The night was young and there were no shortage of parties to attend. Hannah & Tyler knew a few places that we were sure to find some trouble.

Table 9 – The Average diner: Turn table 9!


I’ve made it my life’s mission to try as many diner’s as possible. I love everything about them. The seemingly endless menus with all my favorites. Logo mugs and breakfast for dinner, the vinyl swivel bar stools and the various characters you can see on any given Tuesday.

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