Table 1 - The Analytical Cop: Sinkers & Suds.Megan had served on the force now for 4 years. All her experiences and interactions with people while on the beat had made her grow compassionate for her fellow human kind. She

To a 1950s postwar audience, Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels were an escape. For the war-weary man, Bond’s adventures represented the ultimate fantasy down to the finest detail — including food, a facet largely absent from the nearly two dozen 007

Take some every day, semi-prepared, store bought items & make a classic recipe with them. Now do it in a spacy, artful way. PDN TASTE Award winner 2014GRAPHIS Photography Annual 20152014A series in collaboration with photographer Beth Galton[unitegallery suggestedRecipe]

Taking a cue from classic comic books & Lichtenstein, adding some onamonapias and you have food that tells you what you’re about to taste. Bam! This series inspired a French’s campaign which we filmed a stop motion of it’s being made.2014A

Prickly Pear, Green Onion & Red Bell Pepper inspired by the work of Rothco After a trip to DIA Beacon  I found new inspiration for a new project as often one does when in the presence of amazing art. I was very inspired