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Thanksgiving is coming and now is the time to start thinking about your menu, shopping, and prep. Here is a handy shopping and prep guide along with recipes to help you plan it all out. I’ve omitted the bird but my preference is to brine. Be sure you buy your bird far enough in advance to thaw if not buying fresh. Add at least 12 hours of brining time to your prep. I usually do

Having seen some inspiring water swirl shots by others, I wanted to try and figure it out myself.  I teamed up with photographer Ralph Smith and played around with different liquid densities and these were the results. Groovy lava lamp effect.[unitegallery colored_water_swirls]

Table 1 - The Analytical Cop: Sinkers & Suds.Megan had served on the force now for 4 years. All her experiences and interactions with people while on the beat had made her grow compassionate for her fellow human kind. She had begun taking night courses and was determined to become a physiologist. Maybe, someday, she could really help people in need. Table 2 - The Construction worker with a soft side: Short Stack with Maiden's DelightJason's

To a 1950s postwar audience, Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels were an escape. For the war-weary man, Bond’s adventures represented the ultimate fantasy down to the finest detail — including food, a facet largely absent from the nearly two dozen 007 films. With Dying to Eat, food stylist Charlotte Omnès and photographer Henry Hargreaves return these lavish meals to the limelight, providing an enlightening glimpse not only into Bond’s character, but Fleming as well (who it

Take some every day, semi-prepared, store bought items & make a classic recipe with them. Now do it in a spacy, artful way. PDN TASTE Award winner 2014GRAPHIS Photography Annual 20152014A series in collaboration with photographer Beth Galton[unitegallery suggestedRecipe]

Taking a cue from classic comic books & Lichtenstein, adding some onamonapias and you have food that tells you what you’re about to taste. Bam! This series inspired a French’s campaign which we filmed a stop motion of it’s being made.2014A series in collaboration with photographer Ralph Smith[unitegallery lichtenlunch] 

Prickly Pear, Green Onion & Red Bell Pepper inspired by the work of Rothco After a trip to DIA Beacon  I found new inspiration for a new project as often one does when in the presence of amazing art. I was very inspired by Robert Ryman’s work of white on white paintings.  Ryman’s work focuses not on painting something but rather the experience with the medium itself and how it reacts with the surface it is on.  I found this an interesting concept